“I won’t eat candy ever again”

A few days ago, my mum unearthed our old VHS player. Among the cartoons from my childhood that we had on tape (mainly Disney movies), there were also a couple of episodes from Once Upon a Time… Life, a series that basically every Spanish child born in the 80s watched. One of the episodes we had was The Birth, and now my 3.5 year old knows that sperm are tadpole-like tiny robots “that men have and that pass into the woman and then a baby is formed”. It looks like we won’t need to have a “the birds and the bees” conversation in our household!

Then the other day we found out that our local library, which we visit at least once a week, has the Once Upon a Time… Life book and DVD collection. We borrowed the episode about virus and vaccines, as it’s something that my son is very interested in, given the times he’s living in. Yesterday we were at the library again and this time he chose to borrow the book about teeth. Well, I also directed him in that direction, since I wanted him to be more proactive about brushing his teeth.

We read the book in the library a couple of times and then we took it home. He loved it and was telling his grandparents how “tooth decay bacteria eat sugar and then make holes in your teeth”.

Tooth decay bacteria working hard on your teeth.

At dinner time, his reaction when seeing his rice and fried egg was: “Does this contain sugar? I am not eating sugar ever again”. “Candy and chocolate contain a lot of sugar, you know?”. That’s what I said, because lately he’s been asking for candy very often. “Then I won’t eat candy and chocolate ever again”. Then he was all somber and strangely quiet during bath and bed time. Turns out he is now super worried about tooth decay! A bit too much, it seems.

At least he is very willing to brush his teeth! Let’s see how long this lasts.