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Alternative Chinese bands

A few weeks ago I wrote about my favourite Chinese tv shows. Today is the turn of my favourite Chinese bands! Well, maybe I wouldn’t even need to add the adjective Chinese. These… Continue reading

A rock & metal festival in China

May is the festival season in China! Particularly the long weekend of May 1st there are several music festivals going on in China. And since a couple of years ago, one of them… Continue reading

Beijing vs Shanghai: a song contest

Everybody knows that Beijing is the capital of China, but Shanghai is its most developed and cosmopolitan city. Beijing is about politics, culture and historical sites; Shanghai is about money, cocktails and shopping.… Continue reading

The karaoke

One of my favourite weekend activities in China is going to the karaoke. I have always liked singing, just for fun, I don’t have any musical ambitions. But in Spain karaokes are creepy… Continue reading

莫西子诗 – 要死就一定要死在你手里

    Usually I don’t watch Chinese TV because I find it boring. But there is a new show called “Sing my song” or 中国好歌曲 and I fell in love with this song… Continue reading