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So this is the new year

Every time a new year starts, I remember Death Cab for Cutie’s song: So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different. I also remember a strip from Calvin &… Continue reading

Representing your country

A few weeks ago I had a strange conversation on QQ (a Chinese instant messaging software that is widely used, even for work). One of my Chinese colleagues in our Shenzhen office asked… Continue reading

100 posts

I usually don’t like writing about what I write (that’s too¬†meta), but today is a special day. This is my 100th post! And what better way to celebrate it than doing a summary… Continue reading

My boyfriend is still a child

Chinese men have this reputation of being¬†mama’s boys, as a result of being completely spoiled while they grow up. While I can’t talk for all Chinese men, I can share my experiences living… Continue reading

Snail Mail

In some aspects I am very old-fashioned. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy technological advances and make full use of them. Would I have had the courage to move to China 30 years… Continue reading

Similarities between China and Spain

I am currently on holidays (yay!) in a small town in the southwest of Spain. It is one of those places by the sea which are quiet and empty during the winter, but… Continue reading


During our stay in Wuyuan County I noticed a lot of the houses had a small mirror hanging above the front door.   I asked C. about it and he told me it… Continue reading

Some differences between China and Spain

I am back in Spain for Chinese New Year holidays and C came with me. It is his first time out of Asia and he just needed a couple of hours to find… Continue reading

Blending in?

Today I noticed something while I was on the bus, going home after a long day in the office: no one seemed to be looking at me. Where there used to be blatant… Continue reading