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Suzhou on the cheap (and vegetarian!)

Two weeks ago, a couple of my workmates came to Suzhou to spend the weekend with us. I asked what they wanted to visit in the city, they only said “old things”. Well,… Continue reading

Tulou: earth buildings in Fujian

One of the pictures I posted the other day for the Animal Lover post reminded me of the time we visited the tulou (土楼). Back in Chinese New Year 2013, after having sworn… Continue reading

A tourist in Shanghai

This past year I have been living and working in Shanghai but, to be honest I haven’t done much here. My weekdays were spent in the small triangle between the office, the apartment and… Continue reading

Holidays in Spain II

During the second week of our holidays in Spain we stayed in my hometown (Cáceres), a small city in the west of Spain. We met several of my friends, and also some family. As C. had… Continue reading

Holidays in Spain I: Catalonia

I’m back! I just spent two weeks of holidays in Spain, visiting my friends and family. C. also came, it was his second time in Spain so we went to visit some new… Continue reading

The old village of Bright Moon Bay

As we had three days of holidays last week, we decided to go somewhere instead of couchpotatoing the whole time. We were considering Chongming Island, in Shanghai, and Xishan Island, in Suzhou, and… Continue reading

Next stop: Spain

Schengen visa in passport, check. Plane tickets bought, check. Finally everything is ready for our next trip to Spain! We will be there from September 27 to October 10 and it will be… Continue reading

The Tea Harvest

It is the middle of the tea harvest season and last weekend we went to Hangzhou to visit the tea fields. The tea grown in Hangzhou is the famous 龙井茶 longjing cha (literally “dragon… Continue reading

Back to the Past IV: Palawan

Another post in my “Back to the Past” series! After my first backpacking trip (to Xi’an, Datong and Pingyao), Vietnam & Cambodia, and my first trip to Philippines, today I want to remember that… Continue reading

The Maiji Grottoes

The main attraction to visit when you are in Tianshui are the Maiji Grottoes. The Maiji Grottoes are a group of carvings of Buddhist motifs sculpted on a hill called Maiji Mountain (麦积山). This hill is more… Continue reading