Christmas decorations in Shanghai

Traditionally, Christmas was not celebrated in China. But nowadays, and specially in big cities, malls and restaurants put Christmas decorations and announce Christmas discounts and special menus to encourage spending. And if there… Continue reading

My lovely Chinese mother-in-law

There are a lot of stories about Chinese mothers-in-law in the blogosphere: Lina’s Momzilla and Timo’s crazy MIL are just two funny examples, but there are many other cases in which the couples had a hard… Continue reading

Going to Ikea on a Sunday

A few days ago I mentioned that I had some exciting news. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you but it is not that we are getting married or that I am pregnant!… Continue reading

Time-traveling in a Chinese train

For our trip to Luoyang a couple of weekends ago I wanted to take the train. I frequently ride the high speed trains in China but I had not been in an old… Continue reading

Weekend trip to Luoyang

Last weekend we made a short visit to Luoyang, in Henan province. We took the train from Suzhou (17 hours) on Friday and arrived there on Saturday morning. Luoyang was the capital of… Continue reading

The perks of being unemployed

These past months I have been a de facto taitai as I quit my previous job in mid July. Now that I just found a new job and will be resuming my professional… Continue reading

Date Night

A few weeks ago we went on a date. We normally don’t “go out on a date”, we just go out for dinner without calling the event a date. But this time I felt… Continue reading

Things I didn’t know I needed before moving to China

I am not saying anything new if I tell you that living in China and living in Spain are two completely different experiences. Anyone would know that! When moving to a different country… Continue reading

Double 11 or the shopping madness

Chinese people love word games and giving meaning to numbers according to their pronunciation. Everybody knows number 4 is bad luck in China because it sounds the same as “death” (四 sì vs… Continue reading

My boyfriend is still a child

Chinese men have this reputation of being mama’s boys, as a result of being completely spoiled while they grow up. While I can’t talk for all Chinese men, I can share my experiences living… Continue reading