The Year of the Horse

In 2014 the Chinese New Year will start on January 31. The Chinese New Year is called 春节 chunjie, Spring Festival, because according to the lunar calendar it marks the beginning of spring.… Continue reading

“Are you a foreigner?”

We paid for our shopping and headed for the exit. Standing next to the supermarket glass doors there was a kid reading a book. He looked at me. I looked at him. He… Continue reading

莫西子诗 – 要死就一定要死在你手里

    Usually I don’t watch Chinese TV because I find it boring. But there is a new show called “Sing my song” or 中国好歌曲 and I fell in love with this song… Continue reading

Wacky Races

One of the first things that you find out after arriving in China is that traffic rules are different from those in western countries. Well, to be precise, the laws and regulations are… Continue reading

Blending in?

Today I noticed something while I was on the bus, going home after a long day in the office: no one seemed to be looking at me. Where there used to be blatant… Continue reading