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“Have you watched Pretty Woman?”

The other night, C. was humming the song “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. That reminded me of the 90s movie “Pretty Woman”, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. I don’t know about other countries,… Continue reading

My Chinese father-in-law

When we talk about our Chinese in-laws, our dear mother-in-laws are usually the protagonists. I am sure you are all familiar with Momzilla, and with Timo’s crazy MIL. Autumn is maybe the only… Continue reading

Animal lover

C. loves animals. He had several dogs and cats before. When we met, he had a cat. I have to confess I have never been a big fan of cats. I don’t trust… Continue reading

Holidays in Spain I: Catalonia

I’m back! I just spent two weeks of holidays in Spain, visiting my friends and family. C. also came, it was his second time in Spain so we went to visit some new… Continue reading

100 posts

I usually don’t like writing about what I write (that’s too meta), but today is a special day. This is my 100th post! And what better way to celebrate it than doing a summary… Continue reading

Childhood cultural references

C. is, hands down, the best boyfriend I have ever had. He is smart, caring, self-confident, intelligent, fun and hard-working. And I am always number one on his list of priorities. If I… Continue reading

Are Chinese men romantic?

I just read this post from Move Over Godzilla and it got me thinking about my experience with Chinese men. Are they romantic? Well, I guess it depends on what you understand by… Continue reading

Living with a Chinese man

Sometimes I’ve heard or read that Chinese men are mama’s boys. That they can’t even fry an egg. That they are lazy and completely useless regarding housework. And then I look at C.… Continue reading

Our short-distance relationship

After 2 years living with C. in Suzhou, I found my dream job in Shanghai at the end of November last year. Suzhou is only about 80 km and 40 minutes by high… Continue reading

Don’t leave your boyfriend home alone

I am serious. Don’t ever leave your boyfriend alone at home. If you do, make sure he doesn’t have access to the internet and/or a credit card ready to use. Because when you… Continue reading