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Merry Christmas from Suzhou

This has been a strange year, and many people are now facing the strangest Christmas of their lives, as they won’t even be able to celebrate with their loved ones. Here in Suzhou… Continue reading

Christmas in China

Christmas is almost here! I never really celebrated Christmas much during my first years in China as it’s a normal working day here and I couldn’t see the point, but a couple of… Continue reading

Merry Christmas from China

Christmas in China is a strange holiday. Well, that is a way¬†of speaking. There is no holiday, in fact. Malls put up fancy decorations and play Christmas carols, but that’s about it. On… Continue reading

Christmas decorations in Shanghai

Traditionally, Christmas was not celebrated in China. But nowadays, and specially in big cities, malls and restaurants put Christmas decorations and announce Christmas discounts and special menus to encourage spending. And if there… Continue reading