My 20th Chineseversary

A couple of days ago, I suddenly realized that 2022 marks 20 years since I started studying Chinese. First thought: Has it really been that long? Second thought: Now I’ve spent a longer… Continue reading

Roman ruins by the beach

Like last year, we also spent this summer in our apartment by the beach, in the southwest coast of Spain. It’s right by the sea and on the ground floor, so we don’t… Continue reading

Family trip to London

Whew, it’s been a while since the last time I updated the blog! I’d never taken such a long break before. Oh, and I also stopped Instagramming. Am I the only one who… Continue reading

The Shanghai lockdown

At this point, I think everybody has heard about the lockdown in Shanghai, but I will recap it briefly just in case someone doesn’t follow the news: Shanghai, a city with a population… Continue reading

Jin Ping Mei: A Chinese classic

During these past couple of months, my reading time was occupied by a Chinese classic novel called Jin Ping Mei. You’ve never heard of it? Understandable. It’s not as famous as Journey to… Continue reading

Outbreak in Suzhou

It’s been over two years since the COVID-19 pandemic started and Suzhou had not had an outbreak yet. Now with Omicron it was just a matter of time… and it finally happened. Last… Continue reading

“I won’t eat candy ever again”

A few days ago, my mum unearthed our old VHS player. Among the cartoons from my childhood that we had on tape (mainly Disney movies), there were also a couple of episodes from… Continue reading

Books with a China theme (2021 list)

Another year, another one of my annual book lists. Writing a post about the books related to China I read during the year has become a tradition on this blog! I made these… Continue reading

From allowing just 1 child to forcing to have 3

Based on questions that I have been asked, it seems that some people still don’t know that the one child policy is not enforced in China anymore. To be precise, it was scrapped… Continue reading

The Medieval Market

Every year, my hometown of C├íceres holds an event called Market of the Three Cultures and commonly referred to as “the medieval market”. It started being done about twenty years ago and the… Continue reading