Motherhood milestones

I guess everybody has heard about baby milestones: holding their head, sitting up by themselves, starting to eat food… But what about the milestones that mothers reach in their journey through motherhod? Last Saturday, I found myself baking cookies and I started thinking about all my “milestones” in these past 2.5 years.


I was peed on

This is one of the first milestones for many parents! Tiny babies seem to enjoy “opening the tap” the moment you remove their diapers. However, the incident that I remember most clearly happened when my son was 11 months old. We were on a plane to Spain and somehow he soaked through his diapers while he was sitting on my lap. I had a change of clothes for him, but not for me… my clothes were in the checked in baggage! I have never been pooed on, although one time was a close cut, and I’ve never been vomited on either (my son has never vomited in his life. For now).


I didn’t sleep 8 hours straight for almost two years

When I talked about this on Instagram I wrote “over one year”, but later, thinking about it, it was way closer to two years. My son kept waking up during the night until he was 20 months old, and adding that to the last months of pregnancy when I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee… Yep, I didn’t sleep 8 hours in a row in almost two years. How did I survive? Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t even drink coffee…


I had holes on my nipples

This might be TMI but hey, it’s a motherhood fact for many people. I breastfed my son (still do) and, for the first 6 weeks, it was very painful. When I closely inspected my nipples… I had literal holes between the nipple and the areola. Ew. This happened again at 6 months, when my son started teething. Ah, the joys of motherhood… I saved a lot on formula, but maybe I will have to spend that money to get a boob job in the future! (This is a joke. I honestly don’t care a bit).

Yep. Pretty much.


I stepped on a Lego brick

My son doesn’t have his own room so his toys are always all over the living room. One evening I was doing some exercise when I stepped on a Lego brick… barefoot. How can these things inflict so much pain? They could be used as landmines!

The Oatmeal agrees.


I baked cookies

I reached my last milestone last Saturday: I baked butter cookies with my son! I’d never baked cookies before, so I just searched online for an easy recipe. He seemed to enjoy being able to do something for himself and I took a lot of pictures. Of course. after the first tray he lost all interest and I had to finish the rest by myself… Now we’ll have cookies for weeks!