September: New beginnings

For many people, September feels more like the start of a new year than January. And for me too! I guess I got that feeling when I was a child, as school started in September. Starting a new grade definitely felt like starting a new year! And, as most Spanish people take their annual holidays in August, the feeling of September being a fresh start is still shared by many adults.

This September felt like a new beginning for me more than ever because I changed jobs. That’s why my blog has been a bit neglected, I didn’t have much free time! My old company notified me at the end of July that I was being let go. This was not as a surprise as our department had not been busy for a long time, and I had been expecting to get kicked for a while now. Well, it finally happened and it couldn’t have happened at a better time, for two reasons: First, it’s summer and I felt like holidays, and second, that same day I got my dismissal notification, a company contacted me and offered a position. One of the few advantages of this whole covid-19 epidemic is that many companies have finally realized that working for home is also working. My new company has many remote workers and I’m allowed to work from home too, which suits me perfectly.

Between one job and the other I had around 20 free days in August, during which I was a full time taitai and mum. I didn’t have time to be on the computer at all, as I was very busy taking my son to playdates and meeting my friends. We also went to the beach in Hainan during this time, which I talked about in my previous post. I enjoyed my freedom a lot and even considered if I should just stay like this for a while instead of hurrying into a new job.

Baby A. playing in the pool.

Baby A. packing for the beach.


But I really wanted to work at this new company because they’re doing very cool things and it’s a great opportunity for me. I started the new job at the end of August and now I’m so busy getting familiarised with their soon to be released game that I barely have time to do anything else! Wait, what? I’m playing a game? That’s my job? Yep. I’m a translator specialised in game localization, so playing games is part of my job. It’s not as fun as it sounds, though! I very much prefer translating.

As a translator, I just had to take a picture of this menu in a restaurant in Hainan…


I’m very excited about this new challenge, but I hope it doesn’t keep me so busy that I don’t have time to update the blog at all!

Me at work.